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Ocean Side Hotel & Beach Side Hotels

What Amenities Should You Look for When Booking an Ocean Side Hotel?

Each and every ocean side hotel has their own amenities that they offer to guests. As such, you may be unsure of what amenities you should look for when you are trying to book an ocean side hotel. Here at the Blue View, located in Melbourne Beach, Florida, we offer many amenities to our guests including beach chairs, towels, umbrellas, surfboards, and boogie boards. We are also located right next to the ocean, ensuring that you see blue no matter where you are in our hotel. And if you ever want to spend some time away from the ocean, we offer a saltwater pool that you can swim in. At night, we have a fire pit on our beautiful deck, making a perfect ending for your wonderful beach day. Are you looking to book an ocean side hotel? Contact us now to book your room at Blue View.

The Benefits of a Private Beach When Booking Beach Side Hotels

If you are looking into booking beach side hotels, one of the amenities that you may find that some hotels offer is private beach access. If you have never stayed in a hotel that has private beach access, you may wonder what the benefits of that are. A private beach tends to be quieter than public beaches. They also tend to be extremely clean, as the hotel takes the time to care for their private beaches. Private beaches may also be more private. These beaches tend to have fewer people utilizing them, especially during times when beaches may be busy, such as holidays and weekends. Are you looking into booking beach side hotels with a private beach? Here at the Blue View, we have a private beach for our guests. View our calendar to find available dates and to see our rates.

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