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Oceanfront Inn

Find Out What Makes an Oceanfront Inn a Perfect Destination 

An Oceanfront inn may be the perfect destination for your family. Blue View is a sanctuary in Melbourne Beach, FL.  We're off the beaten path with private access to the most beautiful beaches around, yet close to creature comforts, restaurants, shopping, and Downtown Melbourne night life.  Blue View offers the ultimate nature experience for guests with birds, sea turtles, land tortoises, as well as some of the best surfing and surf fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.  Find out why our guests become customers for life.  Contact Blue View Inn today to book your stay!

Is It Worth Paying for an Oceanfront Inn?

When you are going on vacation to the beach, you may find yourself if it is worth paying extra for to stay in an oceanfront inn. After all, you will be spending time at the beach, so do you really need to see it from your room? Ultimately, it is a personal decision, but many people prefer an ocean view inn for their vacation. You only have a limited time at the beach, and an ocean view inn allows you to soak up the most of that time. You can see the sun rise and set each day from the comfort of your room, and look out and have a gorgeous view of the water anytime you want. Are you looking for an oceanfront inn for your next vacation? Blue View offers breathtaking views from our rooms. Call today to book your room at Blue View Inn.

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