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Welcome to 2020

This March, Blue View will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary. Whether you have stayed with us in the past, have an upcoming reservation, or are thinking of visiting us for the first time, we welcome you to learn more in this newsletter.

Meet our two new faces at Blue View...

Karine lives locally and is an avid water enthusiast who spends her free time on the water or traveling. Shannon is a local artist who is native to Brevard County, FL. They will both be helping Blue View continue our attentive but light-touch service approach to ensure a remarkable and relaxing stay for all of our guests... We can’t wait for you to meet them!

Speaking of new faces, we recently had the pleasure of watching as a flock of frigate birds flew overhead. Their distinct profile made us stop and marvel at their uniqueness. We love wildlife here at Blue View and firmly enforce our no pets policy for this very reason. With so much of the county being developed, we hold on to the value of Blue View still being reminiscent of Old Florida.

Townhome #2 is our newest room available for rent. Like the other Townhomes in the Pool House, it boasts 1600 square feet with multiple levels, two bathrooms and two bedrooms and comfortably sleeps four. It is ready for the upcoming busy season: February-April.

Each room at Blue View is equipped with thoughtful supplies such as plant-derived toiletries, ice, paper supplies, linens washed in earth-friendly cleaners, and recycling capabilities. All units have a "blue view": ocean and/or our "easy on the skin and eyes" saltwater pool. Shared community areas include our pool, ocean and patio decks, and the board room.

Blue View continues to look for ways to help our community. We are a proud sponsor of the Surfrider Foundation's Blue Water Task Force, a program that tests local water in our ocean, river, and inlet and reports the findings to the community. Also, our most recent sponsorship is in support of the Blue Tube, a program encouraging beach goers to pick up trash along our coastlines by providing convenient bags. Look for the Blue Tube next to Blue View’s private beach access.

Interesting activities in the area include dining at two newer restaurants both less than 30 minutes from the inn: Ember & Oak and Frigate’s. Both restaurants have been receiving a lot of positive local attention. Rocket launches are happening several times per month. Avoid the traffic on a clear sky day or night, and conveniently watch the launch from our ocean deck. We recently met Lukas, a local small business owner who offers a fishing charter in Blue View’s backyard. He brings all needed supplies and you simply walk down to the beach to partake in a shoreline fishing experience. We’d be happy to arrange this for you.

In closing, we'd like to express our sincere appreciation for local community business that we frequent ourselves and refer our Blue View guests... Cafe Coconut Cove, Cafe Surfinista, Oceanside Pizza, The Burger Place, Long Point Cafe, and Spessard Holland Golf Course.

Blue View

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